Mother Teresa's last letter

Mothers letter from the 5th of september morning...
Mother House
5th september 1997


My dearest Children,

This brings you Mother's love, prayer and blessing that each one of you may be only all for Jesus through Mary. I know that Mother says often - "Be only all for Jesus through Mary" - but that is because that is all Mother wants for you, all Mother wants from you. If in your heart you are only all for Jesus through Mary, and if you do everything only all for Jesus through Mary, you will be a true MC.

Thank you for all the loving wishes you sent for Society Feast (22nd of august, feast of Our Lady Queen, patroness of the Society). We have much to thank God for, especially that He has given us Our Lady's spirit to be the spirit of our Society. Loving Trust and Total Surrender may Our Lady say "Yes" to the message of the angel, and Cheerfulness made her run in haste to serve her cousin Elizabeth. That is so much our life - saying "Yes" to Jesus and running in haste to serve Him in the poorest of the poor. Let us keep very close to Our Lady and she will make that same spirit grow in each one of us.

September 10th (Inspiration Day, that day in 1946 on the train to Darjeeling Sister Teresa got the inspiration for the her "Call in a call" as she names it herself) is coming very close. That is another beautiful chance for us to stand near Our Lady, to listen to the Thirst of Jesus and to answer with our whole heart. It is only with Our Lady that we can hear Jesus cry "I Thirst", and it is only with Our Lady that we can thank God properly for giving this great gift to our Society. Last year was the Golden Jubilee of Inspiration Day, and I hope that the whole year has been one of thanksgiving. We will never come to the end of the gift that came to Mother for the Society on that day, and so we must never stop thanking for it. Let our gratitude be our stron resolution to quench the Thirst of Jesus by lives of real charity - love for Jesus in prayer, love for Jesus in our Sisters, love for Jesus in the poorest of the poor - nothing else.

And now I have heard that Jesus is giving us one more gift. This year, one hundred years after she went home to Jesus, Holy Father is declaring Little Flower (St. Teresa of Lisieux, also called 'little Teresa' or Little Flower ['big Teresa' being Teresa of Avila]. It is after little Teresa that Agnes Gonxha Bojaxiu choose the name of Sister Teresa when joining the Loreto Sisters) to be a Doctor of the Church. Can you imagine - for doing little things with great love the Church is making her a Doctor, like St. Augustine and the bis St. Teresa! Is is just like Jesus said in the Gospel to the one who was seated at the lowest place, "Friend, come up higher". So let us keep very small and follow Little Flower's way of trust and love and joy, and we will fulfill Mother's promise to give saints to Mother Church.
Sister Nirmala writes underneath:

My dearest Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Lay-Missionaries, Co-Workers,

This is the last letter of Our Mother which was ready for her signature. But Jesus came to take away Our beloved Mother so suddenly that is remained unsigned. I am sending this to you with great love. This is our Mothers last message to us. Let us take it to our hearts with much love and prayer.

Your loving sisters,

Sister Nirmala MC