Prayer of the entrance:

O beneficent Father, eternal King, Creator of the universe, receive Your Church as we come to You through Your Christ: grant to each what is profitable; lead all to perfection, and make us worthy of the grace of Your sanctification, gathering us together within Your holy assembly, which You purchased by the precious blood of Your onlybegotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with whom You are blessed and glorified, together with Your all-holy, and good, and lifegiving Spirit, now and ever, and for all eternity. Amen.


Deacon: Let us again pray to the Lord.


Priest (begins the prayer of incense at the entrance): O God, who accepted the gifts of Abel, the sacrifice of Noah and of Abraham, the incense of Aaron and of Zachariah, accept also from the hands of us sinners this incense as a sweet fragrance for the remission of our sins and those of all Your people; for blessed are You, and glory becomes You, Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever.


Deacon: Father, pronounce the blessing.


The priest prays: O Lord and God, Jesus Christ, who through Your exceeding goodness, and Your love not to be restrained, was crucified for us, and did not refuse to be pierced by the nails and the spear; and who has provided this mysterious and awefilled service as an everlasting memorial for us: bless our ministry in Your Holy Spirit, and bless our entrance to Your holy altar, and supply by Your unutterable compassion all that is lacking to our service by our weakness; now and ever, and for all eternity. Amen.


The response by the deacon: The Lord bless us, and make us worthy to offer gifts, and to sing together with the seraphim the Thrice-Holy hymn, by the fullness and exceeding abundance of Your grace, now and forever.


The deacon then sings at the entrance: O Christ, You who are the only-begotten Son and Word of God, the Immortal One who did submit for our salvation to become flesh of the holy Mother of God and ever-virgin Mary; who became man and was crucified, and by Your death tread death under foot; You who are glorified together with the Father and the Holy Spirit; O Savior, save us.


The priest prays from the gates to the altar: God Almighty, Lord great in glory, who has given us an entrance into the Holy of Holies through the coming among us of Your only begotten Son, our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, we beseech Your goodness, since we are fearful and trembling when about to stand at Your holy altar:
Send forth upon us Your good grace, and sanctify our souls, and bodies, and spirits, and turn our thoughts to piety; in order that with a pure conscience we may bring unto You gifts, offerings, and fruits for the remission of our sins, and for the salvation of all Your people, by the grace and mercies and loving kindness of Your only begotten Son, with whom You are blessed for all eternity. Amen.