Oblation Prayer

Father, you have loved me beyond all imagining, you have given me all that you have and are. I now give and abandon myself entirely to you, trusting only in your powerful love, for you are my Father.

You have drawn me to yourself as your child, and with joy I come before you. I lovingly offer myself completely to you, offering as well all those you have entrusted to my ministry.

Send your Spirit upon us, Father, especially on those of my people who need you most this day. May I be the channel of your gentle compassion for them, may I be for them your fatherly touch.

Jesus, my Savior and Lord, you who have died for my sins and called me to continue your priesthood, I thank you for these and for all your countless gifts.

I praise you for your powerful workings in my life and in my people. I open before you the doors of my heart and of this day. I ask you today to take over my life ever more fully, to act through me and live your life in me, that all I do may ever be a reflection, an expression of you.

You have thirsted for me in your priesthood, may I thirst only for you throughout this day, and all the days of my priesthood.

And may I satiate your hidden thirst, not only in my own heart, but in the hearts of my hungering people.

Spirit ot Love, you have anointed me to proclaim the good news with my words and with my life. I open my heart and my mind to your presence and guidance.

I ask you this day to come powerfully into my life and ministry, to fill my heart and guide me always in your ways.

Breathe into my soul, that your living waters may spring up within me, transform and renew me.

May your eternal love ever bind me to the Father and the Son in His priesthood, and through my sharing in that priesthood, heal the inner wounds and fill the poverty of all whom you send on my path this day.

Keep my heart and theirs for you alone, throughout this life and into the next.